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Convenient and easy-to-use, for coaches as well as athletes

Thanks to the pre-installed Spiideo cameras in your arena the Spiideo system is always available. It’s always there, it’s always on. At the touch of a button, coaches can record their team and athletes record themselves for self-led training.

No manual camera handling, no camera man, no handling of video files. All you need is the easy to use app for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. This is sports video recording made easy.

Efficient and extremely powerful, for detailed analysis of both practice and competition

The Spiideo system captures your sports from multiple angles so that you can view every detail of your game. It also gives you a powerful wide angle view of the entire field.

All videos come to you in fantastic 4K resolution playback in full synchronization and real time playback. Works with leading sports analysis tools.


Packed with innovation, bringing sports video experiences to the next level

The Spiideo system takes sports video recording to the next level. Intelligent, pre-installed cameras that capture every moment in stunning 4K resolution from multiple angles bringing you both overview and detail in one experience.

The Spiideo system also enables you to Broadcast your training and competitions via Internet.

Product details

The Spiideo Technology

  • Intelligent 4K video cameras that are pre-installed in your arena. A typical installation consists of 3-7 cameras.
  • A cloud backend that processes and stores all videos.
  • An ease to use app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and web browser for recording, viewing, tagging and collaboration.

4K resolution video streams from the cameras in your arena are streamed to the Spiideo cloud backend where they are processed, stored and served to users viewing the videos.

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Spiideo solutions for many sports


The Spiideo system can bring insights and boost performance of athletes and coaches in almost any sport. You can easily make the analysis, create tags, make comments and likes during and after training and competition on the field, in the comfort of your office, home or on the move. The Spiideo system provides collaboration tools to give feedback to athletes and allow the players themselves to analyze their performance.

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