Exciting moments captured at the 2015 European Short Course Swimming Championships


Early this December Europe’s top swimming talents gathered for the 2015 European Short Course Swimming Championships. More than 600 swimmers and 200 country coaches from 47 countries, were on-site in Netanya, Israel, for an exciting week of competition.

A new interesting addition in this year’s setup, provided by Spiideo together with LEN (Ligue Européenne de Natation) was the possibility for coaches and athletes to directly after each race automatically get access to high-quality videos of the race to support advanced performance video analysis.

The idea was that instead of spending valuable time to hassle with video recording gear, coaches could now focus all their attention on the swimmers and the real live-action, confident that they still would be able to get detailed high-quality multi-angle videos from the races. With all the video material immediately stored in the cloud, teams could also have remote video analyst working with the analysis, and provide continuous feedback.

After a really exciting week of great races and competition more than 240 races and 40 hours of videos was captured (in real-time by a set of HD/4K cameras from Axis (V59 PTZ / Q16, www.axis.com, and made available in multi-angle streams by the Spiideo system).

To see the level of energy and passion that is put into this sport and spend time with such a set of talented athletes during a whole week was truly inspiring. Hopefully, we were able to capture some of that energy in the recordings as well.