Powerful data insights

AutoData soccer analytics

Access real-time AI-generated or professional breakdowns of soccer data, for in-depth player analysis, physical stats, and advanced graphics to visualize team and player positions.

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AutoData Soccer Standard

– Professional game event breakdowns and visuals –

Experience the ultimate convenience of automatic tagging of game events and visualization of insights. Access a fully comprehensive data set within 24 hours of submission. Engage in a more immersive way with our visually stunning and powerful analytics. Compatible with Spiideo cameras and external video, elevate your game analysis to the next level.

Standard level visuals


AutoData Soccer Advanced

– Detailed player and team data from deep event tagging –

Access game-changing detailed deep event player tagging, including individual player tagging and detailed field position data for all events. In addition, you’ll also get a wide range of derived data and team/player statistics.

Advanced level visuals
AutoData for Soccer

Game event insights and powerful visuals available within 24 hours

With minimal effort, access comprehensive game data at your fingertips. AutoData Soccer is made for both team, player analysis as well as opponent scouting.

  • All AutoData is subscription-based with an allocation of set number of game
  • AutoData 24 is tagged by professionals and available in 24 hours post-game
  • Order breakdowns in the recording in Spiideo Perform
  • Compatible with Spiideo cameras and external video

AutoData Soccer LIVE

– Real-time AI-generated data for Spiideo Perform –

The world’s only video analysis platform with automated live tagging and player tracking. From pitch control features, to pass networks and player activity details, AutoData Soccer LIVE provides you with all the details you need to unleash your team’s potential.

The next generation cutting-edge AI technology

Automated live game data

AutoData™ automatically generates live data from live recordings, empowering Spiideo Perform users to effortlessly extract clips, data, stats, events, and insights to drive opposition analysis, tactical planning, and player development.

Tactical overview
Pass networks
Passing details
Sprint details

They might look at a scoring chance, pull up the map and be able to see where that space opened up and what they might have done to close down that space. That’s where it ends up being really helpful and that’s why the whole platform is incredibly invaluable to us

Jay Cooney Director of Video Coaching and Coaching Technology, Philadelphia Union
A soccer field in which a match is played
AutoData Soccer LIVE with AI-assisted drawing tools and player activity

A search engine for your Spiideo data and video

Easy access to view, analyze, and share, all your video and data

Effortless preparation

Extract greater insight in less time

With less time spent searching for the footage you need, you can spend more time preparing the clips to share with your coaching staff and players.

After generating a filtered list of clips, you can view them, save them as smart clips to view later or send them to Spiideo’s presentation tool for further analysis.