Benfica signs up for Spiideo, invests in new video recording and analysis technology for performance development

2018-01-16 News

We are really happy to announce that Benfica (S.L.B), one of the most legendary clubs in European football and Primeira Liga in Portugal, are joining the quickly growing list of customers that has selected Spiideo to deliver advanced video recording and analysis solutions for improved team- and player development. The Spiideo system creates high-resolution panoramic footage of the entire pitch, and gives you an effective and easy-to-use video analysis tool for coaches, analyst and players all the way from first team to academy.

 “Spiideo provides a really powerful tool both from a tactical analysis perspective as well as for individual talent development, since it always captures everything on the pitch and allows us to view and analyze every situation in detail from different angles”

says Marco Pedroso, Assistant Coach, SL Benfica

The Spiideo Virtual Panorama technology provides both an overview of the entire field, as well as details of individual players captured in the same recording. This then integrates with data and statistics, performance analysis, collaboration and communication all in the same experience. Since the Spiideo setup is very scalable it is suitable both for small clubs with limited resources, as well as premium pitch setups with full-scale Spiideo systems as in the case of Benfica.

 “Benfica is truly one of the great football clubs in Europe, and are extremely professional and thorough in everything they do. We are very proud to be selected as the provider of video recording and analysis capabilities for the club, and be a part of the continuous work with video analytics for advanced performance development”

says Patrik Olsson, CEO of Spiideo 

While most Spiideo football customers like Benfica are still based in Europe, Spiideo solutions for match and training increasingly used and trusted by clubs all over the world (e.g. now with clubs in 5 different US soccer leagues/conferences, a growing number of clubs/leagues in China etc.). To learn more about our solutions for football visit