Learn about how football coaches and analysts use Spiideo

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Axel Kjäll is assistant coach at Örebro SK, and have now used Spiideo for about a year. “Before we got Spiideo, the biggest challenge with using video in football for me, was lack of time, to get good useful pictures and have someone to organize everything” Axel says. This has changed a lot since they got Spiideo. Now they record … Read More

Norwegian Football League, Eliteserien, gets new training and match video analysis technology from Spiideo.

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MALMÖ/OSLO, JUNE 19 2017, The Norwegian Football League, Norsk Toppfotball and Spiideo have signed an agreement for Spiideo to provide clubs and arenas in the Norwegian First League, Eliteserien with video solutions for match and training analysis. Already in July, in a pilot, the first 5 clubs will be equipped with the system in order for it to be available … Read More

Spiideo AI game tracking system – automatically analyses and follows the play.

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One of the most powerful features in the Spiideo system is the Virtual Panorama, that allows users to independently watch any detail of the game regardless of where it happens on the field. However sometimes, e.g. when watching long game sequences or broadcasting the whole game, it is convenient to have the system automatically track the play and essentially act … Read More

Meet Spiideo at Wyscout Forum 2017 – Juventus Stadium, Turin

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Wyscout Forum 2017, 16-17th May at Juventus Stadium, Turin is the world’s leading event dedicated to global transfers and players’ scouting. Spiideo will be attending and showcase new exciting product innovations for soccer performance and talent development, now being launched to professional clubs and the sports industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet up, send a mail to info@spiideo.com to book a … Read More

Wyscout and Spiideo announce partnership to provide football professionals with new training and match video analysis tools

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Chiavari, Malmö – April 27 2017 – Wyscout, the leading professional digital platform for football clubs, together with Spiideo, provider of state of the art sports video recording and analysis solutions, today announced the signing of a global partnership agreement. Thanks to this partnership, Wyscout will distribute Spiideo Video Solutions through its network of more than 800 clubs and 50 … Read More

Swedish second league Superettan, signs up for Spiideo – gets advanced video analysis to all arenas

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MALMÖ/STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, MARCH 27 2017. In the same way as Allsvenskan, now also the Swedish second league Superettan, will be equipped with Spiideo systems for match and training analysis. It all became official at today’s public kick-off meeting for Superettan, where all coaches and sports directors were gathered. The Spiideo system creates high-resolution panoramic footage of the entire pitch, and … Read More

An athlete’s perspective on video analysis in sports – track & field

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Why should you use video recording when analyzing your track and field performances? Where should you use it – in practice or in competition? And when – before, during or after? In this post, Yann Palm (a few years ago a young, promising Swedish track athlete), takes a quick look at the benefits of video in track and field athlete … Read More

Swedish Football League, Allsvenskan, invests in new training and match video analysis technology from Spiideo

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MALMÖ/STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, MARCH 1 2017: The Swedish Football League, Svensk Elitfotboll, have signed an agreement with Spiideo to equip every stadium in Allsvenskan with a system that delivers high resolution panoramic footage of the entire pitch. It will be a valuable help for analysing the games, and Stefan Lundin, Sports Director at Svensk Elitfotboll is optimistic about the new opportunities: … Read More

Spiideo sports recording and analysis now got even better with advanced video drawing

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All Spiideo users out there might have noticed a new and improved functionality in the latest release. In addition to features in the Spiideo system like virtual panorama viewing, tagging, collaboration, analytics etc. we are releasing new capabilities around video drawing. Functionality that previously only was available in high end telestrator tools used in professional sports broadcasting, can now be … Read More