Boca Juniors signs up for Spiideo's video analysis technology

Club Atlético Boca Juniors is without any doubt one of the world’s most successful football clubs, ranking third in the world with 22 international titles and the most successful team ever in Argentina with 46 official titles.

We are very happy to now announce this Buenos Aires-based football club as one of the latest clubs to sign up for Spiideo. Boca Juniors will use Spiideo for advanced video recording and analysis for team and player development.

” Spiideo’s cutting edge technology assists the coach and staff to analyze the players and game. Now we can see every detail and can improve the players individually, the team and the game,” says Nicolás Chiesa, Chief Scout, Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors’ home arena is La Bombonera (“The Chocolate Box”)in Buenos Aires. It is regarded as one of the most unique stadiums in the world due to its shape, with a “flat” stand on one side of the pitch and three steep stands round the rest of the stadium. With a capacity of 49,000 spectators, La Bombonera is also renowned for vibrating when fans start to jump in rhythm. The Bombonera does not tremble. It beats.

With a beating stadium and Spiideo by their side, Boca Juniors is confident that they will improve even further as a team.

“With the Spiideo system, we have all the information we need to be confident in the way we work. We are meeting the future in video analysis together with Spiideo,” says Nicolás Chiesa, Chief Scout, Boca Juniors.

The Spiideo Virtual Panorama technology provides both overview of the entire field, as well as details of individual players captured in the same recording. This then integrates with data and statistics, performance analysis, collaboration and communication all in the same experience. Since the Spiideo setup is very scalable it is suitable both for small clubs with limited resources, as well as premium pitch setups with full scale Spiideo systems as in the case of Boca Juniors.

Spiideo solutions for match and training are increasingly used and trusted by clubs all over the world (e.g. as Official provider of video analysis technology for United Soccer League (USL) ).

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