Shirin Malkani is the Co-Chair of the Perkins Coie’s Sports Industry Group and has worked with premium content businesses across emerging technologies and platforms for 20 years, with an intensive focus on live sports rights. Shirin joined the Broadcast Smarter, Coach Better podcast to talk about the latest in sports rights, her time at the National Basketball Association (NBA), and how technology and high-production value could drive interest for rights at the local and lower-tier level. 


(3:04) - Viewing habits have changed in sports and leagues. How can they to adapt to reach younger fans on various screens and with different types of content?

(6:15) - A look at how big tech companies are securing sports media rights, the future of sports being on different platforms and integrating features for a richer viewing experience.

(8:52) - The rise in value of media rights and big tech.  Are they able to continue this trend due to their ability to connect and package content for different audiences?

(9:39) - Nontraditional players will continue to allow sports rights to increase in value and that traditional players are hamstrung by the cable bundle.

(10:59) - A consolidation in the sports rights market due to the size of the rights.

(11:39) Can consolidation help with the discovery piece of finding content? For example, the MLS and Apple partnership as a successful case.

(18:21) - How tech platforms have experimented with live sports and the importance of production quality for engaging a broader audience

(19:06) - How Spiideo is lowering the barrier for entry to have highly produced games on lower tiers of the pyramid.