JP Dellacamera is a FOX Sports play-by-play announcer with an illustrious career spanning 17 FIFA World Cups, the NHL, and many more. Join us as we dive into JP's incredible journey in the world of sports broadcasting on the Spiideo podcast Broadcast Smarter, Coach Better. We cover the growth of soccer in the US and JP’s experiences at various World Cups. Then JP covers the evolution of broadcasting technology and the future of media.


(1:33) How soccer has changed in the United States over JP’s career, the growth of soccer in the US, and the evolution of leagues and accessibility to games

(5:01) JP's experience at the Qatar World Cup and how it compares to the upcoming US/Mexico/Canada World Cup

(6:17) World Cup experiences, including the 1999 Women's World Cup in the United States  

(8:57) JP discusses the evolution of technology in broadcasting, from low quality feeds to remote broadcasting

(12:03) Advice for aspiring broadcasters, including having patience and keeping the faith

(21:03) The specifics of the prep work, how it varies depending on the role (play by play vs analyst) and the tournament, but involves a lot of reading, research, and video analysis

 (24:14) The future of broadcasting and media in the soccer space and the ever-changing landscape with new deals and technology