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A complete capture and analysis solution for space-constrained soccer teams

Nestled in the middle of Chicago, there are few college soccer stadiums more unique than DePaul University’s Wish Field. But despite its charm, its urban surroundings pose a challenge. With space limited, no top-tier soccer recording and analysis solution could provide a complete view of the field. Until DePaul discovered Spiideo’s D-Line.

The Spiideo camera setup, specifically designed for space-constrained venues, offers a 180-degree view to capture high-quality footage of every area of the pitch. With recordings automatically uploaded to Spiideo Perform, Spiideo’s powerful cloud-based video analysis platform, in real-time, head coach Mark Plotkin and his team can play back clips on an iPad device to deliver instant insight from the sidelines. Providing visual feedback that today’s generation of content-obsessed players connects with, Spiideo has proven to be an invaluable squad member, helping DePaul’s soccer team to pick up vital points throughout the season.

To be able to walk into our locker room, show a couple of clips at half-time, then come back out on the field and see our guys actually change has been pretty special. I can’t recommend Spiideo enough

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Mark Plotkin Head Men’s Soccer Coach, DePaul University

As well as freeing up countless hours for DePaul’s coaching team to analyze footage and unearth insight, Spiideo Perform’s ease of use has also enabled players to get on the front foot when it comes to their individual development. They now have countless hours of footage at their feet, easily searchable thanks to Spiideo Perform’s powerful tagging and search functionality — enabling them to pull up clips and raise their game from anywhere, at any time, to put them a step ahead of their competition.

Watch the video below for more insights

DePaul mens Soccer x Spiideo