The road to the 2026 World Cup

Mexico’s innovative approach to automated video and data with seeUplay®

With the 2026 World Cup fast approaching, the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) explored new ways to raise the level of play throughout its leagues, to enhance player development, and create hype among one of the sport’s most passionate and dedicated fan bases. Technology is viewed as key to achieving these goals, as shown by the recent collaboration between seeUplay®, the sole video provider for Mexico’s professional soccer leagues, and Spiideo, the leading AI-powered sports capture, analysis and broadcasting solutions company.

Working with Spiideo, seeUplay® has installed 110 automated camera systems throughout Mexico, automatically following the action using industry-leading player tracking technology. Through best-in-class automated capture and lightning-fast low latency feeds, teams can access high-quality, panoramic footage within seconds after it happens on the field or deliver data-enhanced post-game feedback to assist player and team development.

I recommend Spiideo because it’s the only company that provides a very easy-to-use platform with very high-end auto production service, integrated with data and statistics, at a competitive price. You have many companies that do these things independently, but nobody the way Spiideo does

Eduardo Gorodzinsky Founder & CEO, seeUplay®
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Accelerating the path to the top using game-changing technology

This investment in video and data analysis is part of the FMF’s strategy to raise the level of play throughout Mexican soccer. CITEC, the federation’s Center for Technological Innovation, invests in cutting-edge technologies to assist Mexico in competing among the very best on the international stage, with seeUplay playing a key role.

The federation is looking to use technology to increase the levels of lower divisions and permeate it all the way up to the Liga MX, so Spiideo becomes a key player in allowing teams to finally analyze and enhance performance, which hopefully allows Mexico to be a World Cup champion for the first time.

Eduardo Gorodzinsky Founder & CEO, seeUplay®
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Raising the level of play in Mexico’s top divisions

The collaboration puts the entirety of Mexico’s professional soccer ecosystem at the same level. All clubs from LigaMX (first division), LigaMX Femenil (women division), Liga Expansion (second division), and the Mexican National Team can now access Spiideo’s video analysis platform, Spiideo Perform, with a lineup of leading video capture, analysis, and presentation tools.

With Spiideo on the sidelines at each team’s stadium and training ground, seeUplay® captures over 2,000 games and 40,000 minutes of practice annually. Through Spiideo League Exchange, every club can also access 3,000+ hours of video showcasing opposition teams through the cloud-based platform, accessible from any device. This league-wide, centralized platform enables coaches to analyze opposition plays and develop plans designed to counter them — creating tactical battles that enhance the tactical ability and get fans off their seats.

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But Spiideo isn’t limited to video capture. Mexico’s top teams can also utilize Spiideo AutoData Soccer Live, the AI-generated data tracking tool, which automatically extracts clips, data, stats, and events from captured games. AutoData saves time in the analysis workflow of tagging events, a process that once required numerous staff and countless hours down to just the click of a button, enabling teams such as Club América to focus their resources on utilizing data to find a winning formula.

The biggest benefit of Spiideo is the auto production of video and the data they supply through an easy-to-use platform. Teams have a one-stop shop for video and data analysis, allowing them to make changes near-live during games and after games.

Eduardo Gorodzinsky Founder & CEO, seeUplay®