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Morawa Spiideo Play

Streaming at scale: How Spiideo Play powers Morawa Digital’s live streaming operations

Sports broadcasting was once only available to those at the very top of the sporting pyramid. Fans would only get to see the big events featuring the best teams, which…

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Spiideo Ice hockey analysis

Greg Zanon: Bringing NHL video analysis to high school ice hockey

Having spent seasons competing at the highest level in the NHL, Greg Zanon knows a thing or two about ice hockey. Today, the former Nashville Predator, Minnesota Wild, Boston Bruin,…

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How Streaming Helped Narvik Stay Connected To Their Fans During The Pandemic

Covid-19 has left a financial black hole hanging over the global sports industry, estimated to be as large as 40% by PwC. While multi-billion dollar broadcasting deals have provided vital…

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Video camera for recording sports & Video analysis

Winning Championships: How Video Analysis Helps Drive the Frölunda Hockey

The Frölunda Indians are the most successful hockey team in Europe. As the reigning champions of the Swedish Hockey League and the Champions Hockey League, they are squarely cemented as…

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Metalligaen Ice hockey denmark Spiideo

Danish ice hockey league takes a power grab on player safety

The DIU, Danish ice hockey union, and the Danish ice hockey league, Metalligaen, have joined forces. And they are using Spiideo cameras to improve player safety. In total Metalligaen has acquired…

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