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Using Mobile Virtual Panorama, Spiideo users can capture wide-angle footage for video analysis automatically using their smartphone or tablet device.

Mobile Virtual Panorama: Smartphone-enabled sports video capture & analysis

Spiideo’s camera systems provide sports coaches and analysts with a constant supply of video, recorded and uploaded automatically to the Spiideo Perform platform to tag, study, and analyze. Yet, away…

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CloudControl: Monitor your fleet of cameras through one simple interface

For Spiideo’s media broadcasting customers, automation now takes on the role of the camera operator, allowing them to capture and stream from their fleet of cameras without human direction.  Yet,…

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Video camera for recording sports & Video analysis

Winning Championships: How Video Analysis Helps Drive the Frölunda Hockey

The Frölunda Indians are the most successful hockey team in Europe. As the reigning champions of the Swedish Hockey League and the Champions Hockey League, they are squarely cemented as…

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Could video streaming support sports through the pandemic and beyond?

The impact of COVID-19 on sports’ biggest clubs and competitions has been widely documented – a lack of action puts multi-billion dollar broadcasting deals at risk, and while many competitions…

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Are you our new Customer Success Manager

Join our global team! Currently, we are looking for Customer Success Managers, one in Europe and one in North America. ABOUT SPIIDEO Spiideo is the leading provider of automatic cloud-based solutions…

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