Be more efficient and save time with Spiideo Smart Clip Collections

Smart Clip Collections is a new and very powerful feature in Spiideo that will make you more efficient in your daily work with video analysis and player feedback. It allows you to automatically collect tags/clips from any of your recordings – and then instantly access and play these clips while analyzing them from different angles in virtual panorama, create drawings … Read More

Spiideo AI game tracking system – automatically analyses and follows the play.

One of the most powerful features in the Spiideo system is the Virtual Panorama, that allows users to independently watch any detail of the game regardless of where it happens on the field. However sometimes, e.g. when watching long game sequences or broadcasting the whole game, it is convenient to have the system automatically track the play and essentially act … Read More

Spiideo sports recording and analysis now got even better with advanced video drawing

All Spiideo users out there might have noticed a new and improved functionality in the latest release. In addition to features in the Spiideo system like virtual panorama viewing, tagging, collaboration, analytics etc. we are releasing new capabilities around video drawing. Functionality that previously only was available in high end telestrator tools used in professional sports broadcasting, can now be … Read More