Danish ice hockey league takes a power grab on player safety

2020-02-27 Ice Hockey, News
Metalligaen Ice hockey denmark Spiideo

The DIU, Danish ice hockey union, and the Danish ice hockey league, Metalligaen, have joined forces. And they are using Spiideo cameras to improve player safety. In total Metalligaen has acquired as many as 63 cameras from Spiideo.  Meaning that every inch of the ice in all nine rinks in Metalligaen will be covered from all angles.  This complete coverage will be a great help for the league officials in their work with player safety.

Spiideo cameras helped resolve disciplinary hearing

Recently The DOPS, The Department of Player Safety, used Spiideo cameras to resolve a disciplinary hearing.  Because of sharp footage from the Spiideo cameras they could assess a dangerous situation on the ice. As a result, Cameron Brace from Herning Blue Fox was suspended for two ice hockey games.

This is a good example of how sharp and precise these cameras are.

Kim Pedersen, head of Metalligaen.

Kim Pedersen feels that the cameras will not only minimise discussions about goals, but is also a great tool for live tracking statistics. 

We also look forward to live stream ice hockey matches on all levels for which no rights have been sold.

Kim Pedersen about the benefits of the Spiideo system

As a next step Metalligaen will have a so-called “situation room”. It’s a place where league officials will overview every game and be in direct contact with the referees at each game. This will raise the ruling standards and make it easier to asses doubtful situations during the games.

Spiideo’s system doesn’t demand a lot of manpower and that’s why it can be used in every game situation whether it’s Metalligaen or NHL.

Morgan Zeba, sales manager at Spiideo

The playoffs begin on March 13. So when the quarter-finals start all matches can be seen, analyzed, and judged in true Spiideo detail. And player safety will be more than ever in focus.