AutoData™ Soccer LIVE

2D player position maps for Spiideo Perform

Visualizing positioning data to improve team shape and player movement

Last year, Spiideo launched AutoData, an automated live tagging and player tracking technology that generates positioning data, game event information, individual player statistics automatically through a Spiideo camera setup. But AutoData’s purpose is not simply to capture data, but to allow information and video to be combined in ways that enhance the analysis process.


Since AutoData’s release, Spiideo has continued to develop new features to support teams in extracting value from the video and data they capture. Now, 2D tactical maps are joining Spiideo Perform’s suite of tools, providing coaches and analysts with an overview of player positioning and movement within a recording.

2D tactical maps: Maintaining shape and improving movement using data

Team shape is imperative to winning football matches, but with 23 people on the field, keeping track of each player can prove challenging. Spiideo Perform’s 2D tactical maps provide a simple, top-down view of each player’s position on the field throughout a recording, offering coaches clarity that supports decisions and feedback regarding team shape and individual positioning. 

Powered by AutoData, this information is captured entirely through optical tracking, with no additional hardware such as GPS trackers required. This means an opponent’s positioning data is captured and visualized too, offering valuable insight for opposition scouting and analysis.

As well as 2D tactical maps, an enhanced version of AutoData’s visualization tools and activity data overlays – previously only available through the Spiideo Perform iOS app – are also now available through the web platform. These tools enable users to add spotlights to mark an individual, lines between players to measure distance, connected areas to track space, and player trails to analyze past and future movement. Likewise, footage can be populated with individual player data, such as distance covered or movement speed that updates in real-time. In time, any changes made to a recording using these visualization tools will be reflected in the 2D tactical map.

Tactical maps tailored to your analysis needs

2D tactical maps are available now on all AutoData-enhanced recordings. AutoData: Soccer LIVE customers can access the feature by clicking the ‘stats’ icon above the video player. 

The ability to visualize positioning information will support coaches in a range of tasks, whether delivering individual feedback, examining team shape, or analyzing opposition movement. However, Spiideo understands that different uses may require differences in what data is displayed and how it is presented.

To ensure these maps are useful in all situations, the feature has been designed to offer  flexibility and control. Users can select whether to view all players, a specific team, or cycle through individuals. Likewise, users can also choose whether to view in portrait or landscape when in the sidebar tactical view, or as an overlay on top of the recording when in full-screen mode.

Improving the ease and accessibility of top-level analysis

At Spiideo, we’re committed to improving access to information that enables high-level analysis, regardless of team stature or available resources. By automating the capture process, AutoData enables coaches to gather positioning information and player statistics for any game at an affordable cost.

But we also want users to be able to work with this data effectively. The addition of 2D tactical maps supports coaches and analysts in extracting, analyzing and delivering insight from otherwise abstract information – combining the power of high-quality footage and abundant data to enhance the analysis process.

2D tactical maps are available now for all AutoData: Soccer LIVE users. Explore Spiideo’s positioning data visualization tool today through any AutoData-enhanced recording, or reach out to your Spiideo account manager to learn more!