Spiideo & Ulster University are educating the next generation of football coaches and analysts

2019-10-21 Customer cases, News

Ulster will become the first University in Ireland to install Spiideo, enabling the School of Sport to provide students and coaches with technology-enhanced learning opportunities as well as adding value to research within the field of football coaching and analysis. Ulster University is passionate about sports performance and helping students fulfill their potential.

]”The introduction of Spiideo at Ulster University enables us to stay at the forefront of performance in sport and build on our vision ‘to lead, inspire and shape the future of sport” says Kyle Ferguson, Ulster University

says Kyle Ferguson, Ulster University

The School of Sport is one of the longest-serving providers of sports education in Great Britain and Ireland and during that time they have constantly evolved using the research-informed practice to offer their students a cutting edge learning environment. Ulster University School of Sport administers a mentored analysis program as part of its Bachelor in Science Football Coaching and Business Management degree.

“Spiideo’s filming and analysis tools support auto-filming, real-time analysis and auto-follow features which allow us to improve reflective practice for players, coaches and students”

Ulster University, together with Spiideo, is providing students with the highest level of technology for football video analysis and equipping them with the skills to excel in the football industry.

The Spiideo Virtual Panorama technology provides both overview of the entire field, as well as details of individual players captured in the same recording. This then integrates with data and statistics, performance analysis, collaboration and communication all in the same experience. Since the Spiideo setup is very scalable it is suitable both for small clubs with limited resources, as well as larger setups with full-scale Spiideo systems.

Spiideo solutions for match and training are increasingly used and trusted by clubs all over the world (e.g. as Official provider of video analysis technology for United Soccer League (USL) ).

To learn more about our solutions for football visit https://www.spiideo.com/football/