Mobile Virtual Panorama: Smartphone-enabled sports video capture & analysis

With Spiideo’s Mobile Virtual Panorama, any iPhone or iPad can take on the role of a Spiideo camera. A single Apple device, mounted on a stand or tripod at the side of the field of play, can be used to capture a wide view of the pitch automatically.

Spiideo’s camera systems provide sports coaches and analysts with a constant supply of video, recorded and uploaded automatically to the Spiideo Perform platform to tag, study, and analyze. Yet, away from the training ground  or home arena, sports organizations cannot rely on their fixed cameras to capture footage of their athletes.

Spiideo customers don’t need to resort to old-fashioned and inefficient methods to keep the camera rolling though. With Spiideo’s Mobile Virtual Panorama, any iPhone or iPad can take on the role of a Spiideo camera. A single Apple device, mounted on a stand or tripod at the side of the field of play, can be used to capture a wide view of the pitch automatically, allowing coaches and analysts to give their full attention to the players and performance.

Based on Spiideo’s Virtual Panorama technology, Mobile Virtual Panorama (MVP) uses the iPhone’s wide angle mode to capture as much of the field as possible. Typically, capturing in this format can cause footage to distort or quality to decrease. However, Spiideo processes footage in real time to ensure the viewing experience is up to standards before it appears in your Spiideo Perform account. Using the Spiideo mobile app, coaches can then pan, tilt, and zoom within the recording to get a closer look at particular players, movements, and areas of the pitch.

Spiideo on the go: A reliable compliment to Spiideo’s fixed camera system

How much time do your athletes spend away from your facilities as they travel to training camps, away games, and tournaments? The Mobile Virtual Panorama solution requires nothing more than a smartphone and tripod, meaning organizations can take their video analysis system with them wherever they go, with minimal effort required and little space taken up on the team bus or in your luggage.

Used for indoor sports, small venues, and training exercising, this portable solution is a suitable approach. However, Mobile Virtual Panorama isn’t a complete replacement for Spiideo’s mounted cameras — to capture the highest quality footage, from an optimal view of the field, Spiideo customers will need to rely on their fixed, high performance Spiideo Camera Systems.

Smartphone-enabled sports video capture & analysis

Nevertheless, utilizing a mobile setup doesn’t compromise Spiideo’s functionality. Just like with any Spiideo setup, captured footage is sent automatically to your Spiideo Perform dashboard. There, you can tag, draw and measure using Spiideo’s analysis tools, create presentations, and share footage with your colleagues and athletes as normal.

For Spiideo customers, Mobile Virtual Panorama serves as a handy backup to a fixed camera setup. It means the cameras can continue rolling no matter where or what, capturing valuable footage that would have otherwise gone unrecorded.

Getting started with Spiideo Mobile Virtual Panorama

At Spiideo, we want to make sure that every useful moment can be captured. After all, more footage available means more evidence to base your decisions on. To ensure that you, your coaching staff, and your athletes are getting the most out of Spiideo, we have made Mobile Virtual Panorama available to all Spiideo Perform customers at no extra cost.

Following just four simple steps, your device will be ready to capture using Mobile Virtual Panorama:

1. Log in to your Spiideo Perform account via the Spiideo Perform mobile app and select the ‘Enable Remote Camera’ option.

2. Log in on a second control device and select ‘Start new recording’.

3. Hit ‘Select scene’ and choose the field type that best matches the field of play that you intend to record. Alternatively, enter your own dimensions.

4. Set the boundaries of your field and set the system to calibrate.

After a short wait, the system will have calibrated the device, and your smartphone or tablet will be a fully functioning Spiideo camera, ready to capture and free up hours of storage on your device that would otherwise be spent filming footage by hand. With footage uploaded automatically and accessible almost instantly via Spiideo Perform, there is no time wasted transfering, sorting, and sharing large, inconvenient files.

Smartphone-enabled sports video capture & analysis