European swimmers gain video analytics advantage, as European Swimming Federation (LEN) signs 4-year agreement to use Spiideo sports video recording solutions

2016-08-30 News

MALMÖ, SWEDEN, AUGUST 31 2016: As a step to further strengthen European swimming, Ligue Européenne de Natation (LEN) have signed a 4-year agreement with Spiideo to secure the delivery of automated high quality race analysis footage, for coaches and analysts at all major events. The system will be a permanent part of the event setup for all European Championships, both on senior and junior level.

“We are very pleased to secure the agreement with Spiideo to now provide a long term solution with efficient video analytics services at all our major events going forward. By automatically providing detailed, high quality videos of all races and all lanes, it is now very convenient for coaches and analysts in the national teams to perform detailed video analysis, either on site during the races or remote.”

says Marco Birri, LEN Operations Manager

The Spiideo system has been tested during the past year at a number of championship events, with over 950 races and 8300 videos produced so far. It has been very appreciated by coaches and athletes and has evolved the way of working for the video analysts to support more advanced performance analysis during, as well as after the competitions.

“We are proud and honored that LEN has selected Spiideo as the provider of this service. It proves the value of our product and really confirms that we have been able to address an important problem within swim video analysis. Overall the Spiideo system is very flexible, and is used in many different areas of sports video recording for both practice and competition.”

says Patrik Olsson, CEO of Spiideo.

To satisfy the high demands of the swimming community on performance and video quality, the Spiideo system delivers real-time multi-angle recordings, using individually tracking pan-tilt-zoom cameras all with high-performance HD/4K at 50 fps (in collaboration with Axis Communications). The material is then made available via the Spiideo web cloud service, and the optimized Spiideo iOS application, accessible to all coaches, video analysts and swimmers from all 52 European federations.


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