Meet Forest Green Rovers and see how they use Spiideo

2019-04-09 Customer cases

Video analysis in sports is a powerful tool both from a tactical perspective as well as for individual player development. With Spiideo, you are able to automatically capture the whole pitch and make detailed analysis in a very easy way. This is something Forest Green Rovers, a UK-based football club, has taken advantage of as part of their daily routine.

Great footage and live coding with Spiideo

James Parsons is first-team performance analyst at Forest Green Rovers, and he and his team have been using the Spiideo system over the past year. Before Spiideo, The Forest Green Rovers had problems capturing the entire pitch and getting the right technical angles to obtain useful material for video analysis.

“Before Spiideo we were filming our games with a camcorder, the angle wasn’t great because we couldn’t get the height we wanted. Zooming in and out was also an issue”

James Parsons

Once they changed to Spiideo it became easier for them to get a more comprehensive picture enabling them to work more strategically with the players. Live coding with Spiideo during the game was something The Forest Green Rovers found very helpful as they did not have the manpower or technology to do so themselves previously.

“The reason we choose Spiideo was that they provided great wide-angle footage, while being able to zoom in and out as well as the live coding.”

James Parsons

The Forest Green Rovers are now able to get immediate player feedback and display it efficiently to the whole team.

“With live tagging and using the presentation feature in Spiideo, we get the full analysis we need and it’s really simple to use”

says James Parsons

Great tool for everyday sports analysis

James Parsons uses the Spiideo system both in training and during matches. He is able to take advantage of Spiideo’s features to get the best possible overall picture and data input. Now the team is able to take part in reviewing the game both during and after training in the sharing platform making it easy for everyone to access.

“One of the best features with Spiideo is that we can instantly review the game. We look back, create clips and code the actions where we could potentially have done better – or actions where we did really well to show the team and players individually.”

James Parsons

The Forest Green Rovers use the drawing tools in Spiideo to make the feedback more visual. Highlighting players, or showing areas on the pitch make the communication simpler during meetings with the team as a whole or with players individually.

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