Grasshopper Club Zürich enjoys Spiideo in their everyday work with video analysis

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With 27 titles, Grasshopper Club Zürich holds the record for winning the most national championship titles in Switzerland, and for having the most successes in the Swiss Cup. The Zürich based club built their current performance center back in 2005 with 5 pitches, where 4 pitches are equipped with the Spiideo system for live and post match/training video analysis.

“We are very lucky to be working with such a modern technology for live video analysis like Spiideo. This is the future of football”

says Stephan Helm, Assistant Coach/Video Analyst

When Grasshopper CZ began looking for a system to upgrade their capabilities for advanced football video recording and analysis they made very detailed research for the best and most suitable solution.

“When we chose Spiideo, it was important to us that the system was as easy to use as possible. Now each coach can use the Spiideo system, which is a great advantage, ”

says Roman Hangarter, Technical Director

Another big issue that only Spiideo was able to solve for Grasshopper CZ, was simultaneous recording at all the pitches. Grasshopper CZ can now see all their activities live on the different pitches at the same time.

“The most important thing for me is that all the training sequences and practice games are automatically recorded by the Spiideo system. Now I can directly work with the live video material on the pitch”

says Stephan Helm, Assistant Coach, Video Analyst

The process of analysis became much more efficient once Grasshopper CZ started using Spiideo. As a coach, you can tag special events and sequences live during the match/training and show the player immediately. This was not the case before Spiideo when the process was very slow and time-consuming. The coaches at Grasshopper CZ had to record the practice manually with a camcorder, then upload it to a computer after the practice. Not until after that process was complete, it was possible to start analyzing the material in detail.

“Now we can be much more effective, save time and manpower and focus our efforts on improving the players and the team instead”

says Stephan Helm, Assistant Coach, Video Analyst

With Spiideo, Grasshopper CZ now has many new possibilities for deep analysis. With the system, you can always see the whole pitch. It also provides video from different angles when needed. For instance, on the match pitch, Grasshopper CZ has two goal cameras behind each goal, which they use frequently. These allow the goalkeeper coach to see all important angles needed to improve the goalkeeper feedback, and how he positions and moves in relation to the rest of the team.

Grasshopper CZ is also using Spiideo every day for the youth teams playing on the training ground.

” We create individual clips to visualize every game principle. The youth learn a lot through watching the game and themselves ”

says Timo Jankowski, Training manager.

For Grasshopper CZ, one important factor in the selection process for a new video analysis solution was to find a provider that also could provide a good partnership / collaborative relationship.

“Spiideo’s support is efficient, we get help immediately and they listen to our needs and requests for new features to the system. We are very satisfied with Spiideo and we can only recommend them ”

says Roman Hangarter, Technical Director