Swedish team gearing up with Spiideo for World Handball Championship 2017

2017-01-12 Customer cases

With 2017 IHF World Men’s Handball Championship now well on its way, 24 national teams compete in the first round, at 8 different locations across France. In the process of preparing for championship, the head video analysts for the Swedish team Björn Sätherström (picture above), was using the Spiideo system as a part of the preparation process.

Before heading off to France, in the last practice match against Chile and also in training sessions, every move was captured with the Spiideo video solution for coaches/analysts. The system delivers 4k footage both from the long side (as a wide-angle Virtual Panorama view), and from the roof with a bird’s eye view of the goal areas.

“We are really happy to be able to take advantage of the Spiideo system as a part of the preparation, It has given us a unique opportuntiy to analyze game play setups/strategies, sprint paths, target areas etc. “

Björn Sätherström

While Sweden took a comfortable victory in the game against Chile, the coming weeks will present a lot more challenging opponents for the young Swedish team.

“While the unique angles of the video material is the most important part for me as an analyst, the ability to be able to use a tool like this for quick live feedback to the players and to e.g. directly make drawings in the video to explain my thoughts, is really powerful”

Björn Sätherström

 The first match is against Bahrain 13th of Jan. in Paris, we wish Björn and the team the best of luck!