How Spiideo has changed the way of working with video analysis – Nikola Lukic, video coach at the Swedish Swimming Federation shares his experiences.

2016-10-20 Customer cases

In his role working with video analysis, supporting the Swedish Swimming Federation, Nikola Lukic has spent a lot of time on the road covering championships and other events. Long days with filming, followed by editing and processing of the material into late late night was the usual work pattern. However after the introduction of Spiideo in events like e.g. Netanya and London things have changed – a lot.

The video analysis service that LEN now provides together with Spiideo is a fantastic step forward. One of the biggest advantages is that you now can be a lot more efficient, and focus on the tasks that you really are there to do – work with race analysis and feedback to swimmers and coaches.”

Nikola Lukic

“Previously we spent maybe 4-5 hours beside the pool every day just messing with equipment and steering cameras, it was often very stressful and crowded spaces among the rest of the audience. Now we don’t need to bother about any such logistics. We know that every angle, and every race are captured and ready whenever we need it. We can provide a lot faster feedback to the team, and have more time to make deeper analysis.”

Nikola Lukic
Nikola Lukic, Swedish Swimming federation

The Spiideo system captures all races and all lanes, in a high-resolution video recorded at 50 fps. In addition, there are cameras to cover turns and finishes. At a typical competition, it easily generates 4000+ race videos (needless to say, an enormous amount if you would be recording by hand). The material is then made available via the Spiideo web cloud service, and the optimized Spiideo iOS application.

“I think the system also is really valuable for Federations with smaller budgets, that don’t always have the resources to bring dedicated video analysts to every competition. Now they are able to work with video feedback in a very efficient way, even from remote during an event. Long term I think this will raise the level of all European teams since it also gives a way to compare and learn more easily between the teams.” Nikola explains

The system has been used in a number of competitions already and is now a permanent part of the event setup for all European Championships, both on the senior and junior level. All 52 federation participants (coaches, video analysts, swimmers etc) will have the possibility to use it during and after the events.

“Another great thing is that I now get the chance to become more integrated with the team, and spend time and sit down with swimmers and coaches. Previously you almost never had the time to do this, you were always a bit worried that you would miss a recording, and there was a tendency to become a bit isolated as a video coach” Nikola says

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