How to build a Lacrosse team with video analysis – See how Hofstra Women’s Lacrosse is using Spiideo for player development!

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Hofstra University Women’s Lacrosse team plays in the NCAA Divison 1. The stadium has served as the host for the NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Championship Quarterfinals, first-round games in the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse Championships as well as numerous conference championship contests.

When Hofstra Women’s LAX was looking for a video analysis system they did a lot of research to find the system that suited them best.

“Before Spiideo it was really hard for us to find a manager to be able to tape all of our practices and break down our practice film so our players can learn,”

says Shannon Smith, Head Coach Hofstra LAX
Lacrosse Spiideo video analysis - Power the team

Filming the practices and games from different angles and then showing the players the situations was one important feature that Hofstra LAX was looking for in a video analysis system. Now, when players want to develop their game even further they use the Spiideo app on their mobile. In the app, they can see the situation from the different angles that Spiideo records. Players are now able to really see and learn a new technique if they were struggling with something before.

“For us, it is such a great learning tool for our kids on our team and our players absolutely love Spiideo,”

says Shannon Smith, Head Coach Hofstra LAX

Another feature that Hofstra LAX has really enjoyed with Spiideo is the drawing tools. The coaches are able to use the drawing tools during the training and after as a lesson for the team.

“You can use highlight tools or a spotlight on a player and then you can draw certain angles and you can measure the distance of the spacing of your players on the field so for us, it is really great to be able to have that tool,”

says Shannon Smith, Head Coach Hofstra LAX
Lacrosse team using video anlysis with Spiideo Player development

The Spiideo Virtual Panorama technology provides both overview of the entire field, as well as details of individual players captured in the same recording. This then integrates with data and statistics, performance analysis, collaboration, and communication all in the same experience. Since the Spiideo setup is very scalable it is suitable both for small clubs with limited resources, as well as larger setups with full-scale Spiideo systems. Spiideo solutions for match and training are increasingly used and trusted by clubs all over the world (e.g. as Official provider of video analysis technology for United Soccer League (USL) ). To learn more about our solutions for Lacrosse visit