Improved drawing & collaboration within Spiideo’s presentation tools

saved drawings presentation tool Spiideo

At Spiideo, we’re committed to improving the entire video analysis workflow, from how footage is captured to how it is shared and utilised by coaches and players. 

Spiideo Perform’s drawing tools have helped with the latter, allowing users to draw, mark, and highlight areas of the pitch within a clip. When presenting a series of clips through Spiideo Perform’s presentation tool, these tools enable coaches to pinpoint areas of focus and ensure that players are gaining useful insight from the footage being shared.

However, in our communication with customers to pinpoint issues in the Spiideo analysis process, we identified a pain point in Spiideo Perform’s drawing and presentation tools: The ability to save drawings within a clip.
Previously, drawings made within a clip would disappear when the user navigated to a different clip. Now, Spiideo has enhanced its drawing tools, enabling coaches to add permanent markings to their presentations.

Saved drawings within your Spiideo presentations

Available now to Spiideo Perform customers, the saved drawings feature is the first upgrade as part of a wider renovation of Spiideo’s presentation tools. 

Improved drawing & collaboration within Spiideo’s presentation tools

Like in previous versions, users can use Spiideo’s Data Explorer search engine to compile a sequence into a presentation. Customers will now see a new timeline at the bottom of the presentation tool. Here, users can select a time within the recording and use the drawing tools to add drawings, markers, and highlights to a particular part of the clip. Using the timeline, the user can drag markings to move them to different parts of a clip or change their length. Spiideo has also added additional features to its drawing panel, including the ability to add pauses and text overlays.

Unlike in previous versions, these drawings are permanently saved to the clip and won’t disappear if the user navigates away, allowing coaching teams to create higher quality presentations, pre-populated with useful overlays and markings, that are ready to share or present.

We also understand that many coaches still want to be able to add non-permanent drawings and highlights to their presentations when working with players individually. When using Spiideo’s drawing tools within the present mode, these drawings will act much like they did previously, disappearing once present mode is exited.

Increased collaboration within Spiideo’s presentation tool

From solutions like Asana to manage workloads, to Google Workspace for shared documents and spreadsheets, we are growing used to a new way of working where collaborating with colleagues is always just a click away. As a cloud-based sports analysis platform, Spiideo has an opportunity to bring this next-level collaboration to its presentation tools.

Anybody granted access to an organisation’s Spiideo Perform account can now enter a presentation and begin adding their own drawings. Updated in real-time, these changes will appear to other coaches as they’re made, with no time wasted uploading and transferring presentation files back and forth between coaches. 

As a result, multiple coaches can edit a presentation at the same time, each adding their own input to easily and effectively create insightful presentations – no matter where they are in the world – to share with their players.

Building the complete sports analysis presentation tool

Saved drawing is the first of many enhancements to Spiideo Perform’s presentation tools. Our goal is to create the complete sports analysis presentation solution that allows users to make full use of not just video footage, but also the abundance of data that is generated by the players out on the pitch – and not only footage and data captured through Spiideo’s automated camera setup, but by the various other tools, technologies, and providers that our customers rely on.

For now, though, Spiideo Perform customers can make use of the enhanced drawing tools to create insightful presentations to provide feedback and support the development of their players.