Introducing CloudStudio Anywhere: Elevate your live streams from anywhere in the world

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CloudStudio Anywhere makes sports broadcast production remote. Enhance your next live stream with graphics, overlays, and audio commentary from anywhere, using any device.

Spiideo Play customers can take their automated broadcasts to the next level with CloudStudio, a streamlined sports production studio accessible entirely through the cloud. Using an array of graphical elements, overlays, and audio commentary, customers can enhance the quality of their live streams through an easy-to-use interface.

Since its launch, CloudStudio has required producers and commentators to be on-site, at either an arena, field, or stadium. Until now.

CloudStudio Anywhere: Live sports production from anywhere in the world

To remove this barrier, Spiideo has developed CloudStudio Anywhere, a web-based interface that allows media companies and sports organizations to enrich their Spiideo Play streams from, as the name suggests, anywhere. Whether standing outside the venue or on the other side of the world, operators and commentators can now work on a broadcast as effortlessly as if they were in the stands.

“Spiideo has given us an automated solution for producing and calling games from anywhere. We currently have a team of 22 announcers that are now able to use CloudStudio remotely or in-person.

We can look at any game, across the state of Minnesota, and can now produce a professional, commentary enhanced broadcast without having to drive 7 hours. We’ve increased the number of games we can produce by 33% with CloudStudio Anywhere.” 

Pete Waggoner Director of Hockey Media Services at YouthSportsPLUS & MNHockey.Tv.

CloudStudio Anywhere provides access to the same tools that are available in the on-site version, with the addition of a live feed captured through Spiideo’s panoramic camera setup. Unlike other off-site tools, which often only provide production teams with access to the broadcast view, CloudStudio Anywhere users can pan and zoom around the pitch at will, without impacting the viewers watching experience. With an augmented view of the field of play and the ability to take a closer look, no moment of interest will go unnoticed.

Once a broadcast is scheduled through the Spiideo Play dashboard, operators will be able to navigate to a dedicated CloudStudio link accessible by those that have been assigned with the correct permissions through the user management dashboard. From there, the user simply selects where they are located in order to access the correct tool.

Taking advantage of CloudStudio Anywhere will require no additional effort from the operator. Audio and graphical elements added through CloudStudio Anywhere will be automatically synced to the broadcast, generated by Spiideo’s game tracker technology, which uses artificial intelligence to follow the action without the presence of a camera operator. 

Scale up your sports streams

Spiideo is committed to making sports broadcasting as simple and convenient as possible for our customers. We have recently introduced features such as CloudControl, Spiideo’s camera monitoring system, and bulk scheduling, which enables customers to schedule hundreds of games in minutes. 

These tools make it easier for our media partners that rely on fleets of Spiideo cameras to capture and stream thousands of events each year. With the launch of CloudStudio Anywhere, we hope to provide greater ease and convenience to our customers as you scale up your use of our automated broadcasting technology.

With commentators and production staff no longer required in the stands at each event, customers will be able to look further afield to find reliable production staff and commentators as they increase their number of streams while eliminating any time wasted traveling to and from events.

“It gives us the ability to hit way more games than we could. We’ve become more nimble and flexible while increasing our service levels,” adds Waggoner. “We’ve cut down on mileage, overnights, and food.”

Pete Waggoner Director of Hockey Media Services at YouthSportsPLUS & MNHockey.Tv.

A versatile live production tool

Venue closures and capacity limits imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for versatile solutions. With CloudStudio Anywhere, Spiideo’s live broadcast enhancement tools are now accessible to production teams no matter where they are located.

Many of us have become accustomed to a new, flexible way of working during the pandemic, and understandably so. Why should production staff have to sit in a cold stand when they can enhance streams from the comfort of their home? CloudStudio Anywhere offers production teams and commentators the freedom to work as, how, and where they wish, whether in the stands or anywhere else in the world.

With CloudStudio Anywhere, Spiideo Play customers can stream more, while maintaining the high-quality value that fans demand. Watch this webinar to find out more.

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