Trends and technologies in SportsTech

2020-05-11 Technology
Fee Beyer - Spiideo webinar. Video camera for recording sports & Video analysis

Fee Beyer has more than ten years of experience as a technology expert. Her business scouts, tests and sells cutting-edge technologies in high performance and professional sports. Known clients are teams in the Bundesliga, Sports Federations, international technology providers and Olympic Training facilities. Her focus is gathering extensive data on what kind of technologies are out there. As part of this process, Fee tests and evaluates the most promising technologies. Here, Fee shares a couple of insights on what is currently trending in the SportsTech world.

Trend 1.
Currently, there’s a lot of interest in sleep technology. How to monitor and improve sleep of athletes. It’s a topic of interest to many people involved in the development of athletic performance. It’s a known fact that sleep has a major impact on recovery. Many studies are therefore conducted to clarify what kind of effect sleep has on a professional athlete. Until now, the focus was mainly on training. Now, there is an increasing focus on recovery as part of the overall injury prevention management. 

Trend 2.
Automation is another trending topic. Many sports teams are busy trying to wrap their heads around the amount of data they gather. We now see a strong demand for data analytics and algorithms to help coaches gain relevant insights in a faster, more automated way. We call this evolution phase “Hyper Automation”. Unmanned AI-powered cameras are one part of the Hyper Automation trend. Spiideo is a great example of this trend where you get a fully automatic camera system and an integrated data platform.

These are just a few of the trends coming up. Want to know more sports tech trends? Don’t miss this exclusive webinar  “SportsTechRadar: latest trends and technologies in the elite sports market” Fee will share her extensive knowledge of the SportsTech industry and upcoming trends.