Share, stream and analyze video


A single automated video solution for both broadcast and video analysis.

Record, view and share games live, across several teams, an entire league or a conference, with no effort.

Spiideo League Exchange provides a shared repository for leagues and teams with live access to games for analysis, scouting and feedback. All accessible in the cloud.

we’re able to instantly share match footage to all teams through Spiideo’s cloud based league exchange.

Arnar Vidarsson Technical Director, FA of Iceland
Make video instantly available

To every team across a league or conference

Scouting and analysis isn’t limited to just a single team – leagues and federations need access to all games to improve game play.

Person with laptop looking at sports video.

A typical league setting

Spiideo Perform

Teams and Coaches

Get powerful and easy to use tools for video recording, analysis and opposition scouting. Instant access to training and game footage for both first teams and academies.

Spiideo Perform

League referees

Spiideo Perform for performance development and post-game analysis – as well as Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

Spiideo Perform

Disciplinary committees

Review and analyze game events with Spiideo Perform – from multiple angles with accessible and easy to use tools – to make fair and informed decisions.

Spiideo Play

Media teams

Auto-produce and stream league games to fans with Spiideo Play. Monetize game content and data towards media and betting. Access archived games and download clips for social media and news outlets.

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Sharing game video


Utilizing Spiideo League Exchange, 24 US universities effortlessly share game footage to support tactical and opposition analysis, aid player development, and improve the quality of play throughout their sports leagues

Learn how the SEC & Big 12 share video across their soccer teams.

Learn how the SEC & Big 12 share video across their soccer teams
Coach with laptop
Access Spiideo’s cloud platform from anywhere

Because we have the cameras installed league-wide, the clubs can set up youth and academy streams with a few clicks

Arnar Vidarsson Technical Director, FA of Iceland
Spiideo Play service on six different digital devices.
Play. Your way.


Spiideo Play RTMP/SRT is a reliable automated cloud production solution. Livestream directly to third-party video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or your own OTT broadcast platform.

Explore Spiideo Play
A soccer field in which a match is played
Remote production at scale


Covering multiple games every week through top-quality remote production. With automated cameras installed at every arena, CloudStudio Anywhere™ operators call games and control the broadcast from remote locations, using professional graded graphics to enhance the feed.