Lugi handball coach Tomas Axnér, talks about how they use Spiideo

2016-11-28 Customer cases

Tomas Axnér is a well-known name in the world of handball and has worked with video analysis for many years. Thanks to the Spiideo system he has access to unique video analysis material installed at Lugi’s home arena. It delivers footage both from the long side (as a wide angle Virtual Panorama view), and from the roof providing a bird’s eye view of the goal areas. In particular the tactical top view cameras are very appreciated, since those are views Tomas normally doesn’t get.

It’s completely unique and we can see the target areas much clearer. It also makes it easy to discuss with the players and get a better picture of how big a certain gap actually is

Tomas Axnér

Tomas also provides individual feedback to players and sends video clips from matches and training sessions to players’ phones.

Sometimes we have very different experiences of the same situation, depending on where we have been standing and then video feedback is an excellent tool.

Tomas Axnér

The technology and app are so easy to use that he can show an attack or defence situation in a timeout immediately after it happened. He is using the technology in Lugi’s home games as well as during all practice sessions.

We tagged key sequences from the first half, which we could then quickly discuss together with the individual players during half-time.

Tomas Axnér

In addition to the direct match and training analysis, the club sees this is a way to easily create instructional videos for all Lugi youth coaches to benefit from. In addition, there is an opportunity to use the system to broadcast the club’s own training matches.

Below is an example of what the experience looks like when Tomas uses the system in Sparbanken Skåne Arena in Lund