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Data and video: A game-winning partnership for ice hockey teams

Written by: Spiideo | 3 minute read
Article Summary

Find the right clips, faster.

  • AutoData streamlines ice hockey team operations by enabling comprehensive game breakdowns at the click of a button.
  • It allows coaches to focus on essential footage, providing players with powerful, effective feedback.
  • By minimizing video and stat review time, AutoData enhances game preparation and analysis, and its Active Play feature accelerates scout reviews.
  • This integration of data and video is pivotal for advancing coaching strategies and player development.

It isn’t the data or the video that makes the difference; it’s how they combine to form a game-changing partnership.

A multi-angle camera setup’s greatest attribute isn’t the amount of footage it records, but the perfect view it provides of every moment. However, in the midst of the relentless ice hockey schedule, finding the time to watch back and sync multiple recordings blocks many teams from turning footage into on-ice advantages.

That’s where AutoData steps in to lead the offense. Entire games can be broken down with the click of a button, and coaches can select data references to watch back any moment from any angle — all within a single video file.

Turning the perfect clip into points on the board

What makes AutoData a key player for any ice hockey team is the time it saves, allowing coaches to focus on what matters most: watching back important clips, finding the most insightful angle, and using it to tweak tactical plans and analyze player performance.

Sharing endless video presentations and stat lists are a waste of valuable time. Players need snapshot feedback — clear, concise, and right on target. Ultimately, a 30 second clip from the perfect angle will prove more valuable than 30 minutes of unclear footage.

It’s a game-changer in the scouting department too. With AutoData enabling invaluable features such as Active Play, which removes any footage captured when the clock is stopped, scouts can now review entire games in just 30 minutes.

How it works
  1. Click on the shot map
  2. Clip loads automatically
  3. Review

Enhancing the industry’s MVP viewing experience

Data alone doesn’t tell the full story — How do you know that poor shot on paper didn’t set up a game-winning rebound? But combining it with the industry’s leading viewing and analysis platform produces Hall of Fame-worthy results.

Not only can coaches utilize an array of automatically-generated shot maps, heat maps, and zone graphics to understand a game, but they can click on any data point and jump to that moment within the footage. Additionally, video files can be enhanced with overlays such as player trails that show a player’s past and future movements or distance trackers that measure the space between players.