Spiideo founder Örjan Johansson joins BBC World Business Report

Spiideo x BBC World Business Report: 25 Years of Bluetooth

This month marks the 25th anniversary of Bluetooth! Spiideo's Chairman & Co-Founder, Örjan Johansson, led the team - that included Spiideo co-founders Patrik Olsson (CEO) & Carl Larsson (CTO) - that developed and standarized Bluetooth in 1998.

In honor of this milestone, Örjan joined the BBC World Business Report to talk about his journey as the Director and General Manager of the Bluetooth project. He shared his insights into the challenges and successes of developing this groundbreaking technology, which has become the standard for wireless communication.

At Spiideo, we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of technology, just as our founders did with Bluetooth. Our leading video analysis and streaming solutions are revolutionizing the way sports teams and broadcasters capture, analyze, and share their content. As we celebrate the legacy of Bluetooth, we look forward to the exciting future of sports.