sports video analysis software for mac and iphoneSport video analysis with Spiideo

Sports video recording and analysis made easy, accessible and efficient

Are you a coach or analyst seeking to improve video feedback and analysis? Do you like many others get stressed and frustrated over wasting time, struggling with technology and still not getting useful footage that captures what you need? This is where Spiideo Perform can help!

Powerful and easy to use sports video analysis software for coaches, analysts and players

Manually filming practices is a waste of time and money. Panoramic footage is essential for providing quality feedback.  Live access to video can make the difference between winning and losing.

With Spiideo’s powerful sports performance analysis and camera system installed in your arena/training field, video recording is always available for training sessions as well as matches. There is no longer a need for manual camera setups and handling, no camera operator, no hassle with cables and video files.

All you need is the easy to use app for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch or you can use a computer to access it via the web.

For detailed analysis of both training and match

The Spiideo Virtual Panorama technology captures both overview of the entire field, as well as details of individual players in the same recording (read more about our different sports video camera solutions). Each user can individually view every detail of the game and without limitation control a ”virtual” camera. This makes it ideal for both detailed player performance analysis and team oriented analysis and live feedback with drawing, tagging, presentations etc.

Soccer video analysis

Trusted by clubs, leagues and federations across the world

Spiideo’s solutions and sports video analysis software has been adopted by first teams and academies in clubs all over the world. While used by some of the largest and most well known clubs in top leagues, the system is cost efficient and suitable also for smaller clubs with more limited resources. The highly scalable system allows you to choose what components to use depending on workflow and need, in individual clubs as well as across leagues.

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