Automatically live stream youth sports to fans, parents and relatives


Reinvent the way your team live streams, generates revenue, shares to video exchanges, and records footage.

Live stream youth sports with Spiideo! IFK Stocksund streams all their matches

Our matches have commentators, a live scoreboard and during halftime, we have interviews with the players. It feels like a real TV-broadcast.

Simon Olsson, Head Coach U-17, IFK Stocksund

Earn revenue through automated live streams – no camera operator required

With the same camera system installed for video analysis, teams can live stream youth sports to fans and relatives in a few clicks.

Add sponsors, commentators, and graphics to your stream with Spiideo CloudStudio!

CloudStudio Anywhere 

Elevate your live streams from anywhere in the world with CloudStudio Anywhere, a streamlined sports production studio accessible entirely through the cloud. No matter where you are located, you are now able to produce the professional live sports broadcast that the fans demand.

 Live stream youth sports with Spiideo to your fans and family with ease!

Stream, record & capture the entire playing surface

Virtual Panorama technology captures the entire playing area and follows the action on any live stream or recording.

With Spiideo Play, teams can easily set up broadcasts to earn pay-per-view revenue, manage the graphics/audio commentary, and engage their audience in a whole new way.

Share footage in a few clicks to your video exchange

Stop worrying about cables, files, and downloads. Footage is automatically captured and ready to be uploaded to any video exchange. Whether that’s through a Spiideo League Exchange subscription or a different platform, having a cloud-based recording always available will save you valuable time.

Mobile cameras for any situation

The Spiideo Portable SmartCam is a flexible solution for any youth team that needs versatility. By simply setting up the SmartCam on a hi-pod, you’ll be able to connect via WiFi, 4G, or ethernet.