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Capture the entire field.
Elevate your data.
Save valuable time and effort.

Get Immediate data & statistics from Spiideos Sports analysis software
Jay cooney PH Union with the Spiideo system

The workflow is done immediately after practice and this has saved me 6 hours of postcode per day.

Jay Cooney, Director of Video Analysis, Philadelphia Union

Never miss any action on the field or court

Spiideo’s patented Virtual Panorama Technology captures the entire playing surface, uses AI AutoFollow to automatically track the actions on the field, and allows you to switch angles and zoom. You’ll eliminate the need to manually record practices, training, and games throughout a season.

“As an estimate, the Spiideo system has probably given us back around 10-12 hours per week. With the coaching staff also having access to the system, they no longer need to come to us asking for the footage. They can log directly into their own accounts and see the footage immediately”

Luke Stopforth, Head of Performance Analysis Brentford FC

Live tag your data & create drawings from anywhere

Analysts can live tag in Spiideo Perform in a variety of ways, including on desktop, mobile, iOS app, and Apple Watch. Drawing tools on live or recorded video gives players and coaches visual feedback immediately during practice or games.

Quickly build and share presentations with the whole team

Create presentations from any recording and share them in a few clicks with coaches and players. Whether it’s impacting team tactics or individual player feedback, presentations are adaptable for any situation.

With Spiideo, the department can use all human resources in a better way. We are now more efficient, more fast, and the workflow is easier.

Riccardo Terrinoni, Video Analyst, AS Roma

Order live match stats in a few clicks

Analysts can easily get game statistics delivered directly to their Spiideo account in a few minutes after the recording has been completed. From heat maps to hard data, analysts no longer need to wait to analyze statistics.

Get Immediate data & statistics from Spiideos Sports analysis software.