Fully automated


Monetize your sport broadcasting.

Manage thousands of games.

Integrate sponsors.

Produce professional graphics.

AI seamlessly follows the action

No camera operator required – Spiideo’s AutoFollow technology uses artificial intelligence to follow game play.

Whether it’s soccer, basketball, American football, handball, field hockey, volleyball or any other team, fans will never miss a moment of your sport broadcasts.

Manage a fleet of camera systems remotely through CloudControl

Fully automated live sports broadcasting solutions with Spiideo
Fully automated live sports broadcasting solutions with Spiideo

Schedule and produce professional sport broadcasts in a matter of minutes

You can schedule thousands of games to automatically be broadcast live and purchased by fans. CloudStudio empowers you to manage game clocks, scores, graphic overlays, sponsors, and audio commentary from any device – on site and remotely.

Build beautiful Game Packages and Pages for fans

Once you’ve uploaded and scheduled your games, Game Pages and Game Packages are immediately available for fans to purchase and watch. Either a single game or an entire slate, you can manage every aspect of a season, tournament, or weekend event.

Fully automated live sports broadcasting solutions with Spiideo
Earn revenue through automated live streams – no camera operator required

With the same camera system installed for video analysis, teams can live stream youth sports to fans and relatives in a few clicks.

Add sponsors, commentators, and graphics to your stream with Spiideo CloudStudio!

CloudStudio Anywhere makes sports broadcast production remote. Enhance your next live stream with graphics, overlays, and audio commentary from anywhere, using any device.
Spiideo Cloud Studio Anywhere

CloudStudio Anywhere 

Elevate your live streams from anywhere in the world with CloudStudio Anywhere, a streamlined sports production studio accessible entirely through the cloud. No matter where you are located, you are now able to produce the professional live sports broadcast that the fans demand.

Multiple ways to share your live sport broadcasts

Spiideo Play FULL

A Complete Livestream OTT service with payment integration, sponsors and CloudStudio.

Spiideo Play RTMP

Livestream directly to third party video platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

Want to learn more about how Spiideo Perform can support your Spiideo Play broadcasts?