Spiideo Automatic Broadcasting now available!

2016-09-08 News, Product

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of Spiideo Automatic Broadcasting, now made available as an add on to the standard Spiideo product package.

The Spiideo broadcasting functionality has been used the past year in a number of events – one example was the Swedish Junior Handball Championship, where over 100 matches were broadcasted live during three intense days in april.

This is functionality Spiideo customers now can take advantage of with no additional effort. It has never been easier to broadcast matches or other events, and provide the opportunity for fans, friends and family to follow the matches etc. from remote. All this while you at the same time can benefit from the normal Spiideo services from the match/practice with access to the video material, virtual panorama views, views from multiple angles, creation of tags, comments etc. You can use it during the games, in halftime or after the matches for analysis and game plan reviews.

One example of a Spiideo customer now taking advantage of the functionality is LUGI the Swedish elite handball club, who this week kicked off the use by starting to broadcast different pre-season practice games for fans to enjoy from all over Sweden.

If you want to know more about Spiideo broadcasting contact us info@spiideo.com