Spiideo expands in China, and brings advanced football video analysis to clubs and academies.

2017-12-04 News

MALMÖ/BEIJING, NOVEMBER 28 2017, Spiideo is further expanding the presence in China, and announces a new partnership with Shenzhen Scannova Culture Sports Ltd to be able to better meet the rapidly growing demand of the Spiideo products and services on the Chinese market

The announcment became offical at the China-Sweden Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum 2017 held every year in Beijing.

With this agreement, Shenzhen Scannova Culture Sports Co. will distribute Spiideo technology and solutions, for football coaches, analysts and players – targeting football clubs, academies, schools and federations.

“Spiideo is a great step forward to improve the overall video analysis capabilities for football teams and player development in China. The coaches love it, and it is a system that is really powerful both from a tactical analysis perspective, as well as for individual talent development in the academies”

says Master Jiang, CEO Shenzhen Scannova Culture Sports Co. Ltd
Spiideo has a China departement. Video analysis

Football in China has grown to become perhaps the most engaging and important overall sport for Chinese fans today and is identified as a very strategic focus area for China going forward. With literally thousands of football schools and programs being created or in planning, the large goal is to build leagues than can compete with the biggest in Europe and a national team that can compete at the highest level in the World Cup. In all this, video as a tool for efficient team and player performance development and feedback is, of course, an important component.

“We are very happy that we now, together with the team at Shenzhen Scannova Culture Sports Co. Ltd, are able to provide this solution at a large scale in China. We are excited to be a part of developing Chinese football and clubs, schools and leagues in China searching to improve video analysis for the advanced team- and player development”

says Patrik Olsson, CEO of Spiideo

The Spiideo system is an integrated video recording and analysis solution, including 4k cameras covering the entire pitch. When the system is recording a match or a practice the coaching team can instantly watch sequences or player positions from different angles of the pitch on a smartphone or tablet. The coach or analyst can zoom in or out in the footage, pause, rewind, create clips etc. – and then immediately jump back to real-time viewing

China &Spiideo video analysis

Learn more about Spiideo solutions for football at: https://www.spiideo.com/sports/football-video-analysis-software/

Spiideo in use (in Chinese): https://www.toutiao.com/i6498305895531807246 
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