Sports video recording & analysis made easy with Spiideo – meet us at the NFHCA Annual Convention 2019

Learn how Spiideo can help improve field hockey performance and talent development in training and match for clubs and leagues. Find us on the showfloor, or fill in the form below to setup a meeting!

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What is Spiideo?

    • Spiideo makes sports video recording and analysis easy and accesible for coaches, analysts and players all over the world!

    • With Spiideo’s Virtual Panorama technology on your training pitch or match arena, advanced sports video capturing is always available, always on – no camera man, no files, no hassle!

    • For live feedback in both practice and match – sports recording, tagging, viewing, analyzing and collaboration have never been easier!

    How it works!

    The pre-installed 4k cameras in the Spiideo system will record your matches and practices from multiple angles, allowing you to view all details of the game.

    As coach you can use the recorded video material in real time on the field, in half time, after the game etc. for quick and efficient player feedback.

    The only thing you need to use the system is Spiideo’s easy to use app for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

    With Spiideo you get video recording, data & statistics, performance analysis, sharing and collaboration in one integrated experience.

    Do you want to see it action?

    Watch the quick overview of the Spiideo system.
    Listen to how coaches and analysts are using Spiideo in their daily work