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Powerful and easy to use sports video analysis tools for coaches, analysts and players. Trusted by thousands of teams and federations at all levels, around the world.

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Save time and effort

Automated capture

Spiideo Perform devices

Spiideo’s powerful camera system uses AI to automatically capture high-quality, panoramic footage, enabling the delivery of high-quality analysis and feedback without manual filming.

Instantly uploaded to Spiideo Perform, coaches can access footage in real-time from anywhere to support their tactical and individual analysis.

The Spiideo system has probably given us back around 10-12 hours per week.

Brentford FC
Luke Stopforth Head of Performance Analysis Brentford FC
A soccer field in which a match is played

Remarkably easy to use

The interface is intuitive and collaboration across the coaching staff and players is simple.

Unleash the power of Spiideo Perform in a variety of ways, including on desktop, mobile, iOS app, and Apple Watch.

Work smarter


For any workflow

  • Take control of your own “virtual” camera to view every detail of the game without limitation.
    Coach with laptop
  • Create custom panels and tag any action within a recording, marking key moments for future analysis.
  • Automatic tagging from tracking data of individual players and game events, with powerful overlays.
  • Enhance footage with drawings and markings to deliver game-changing visual feedback to your players.
    A soccer field in which a match is played
  • Turn recordings into powerful presentations in a few clicks, ready to share with coaches and players.
  • Search for any tagged event and instantly find the past footage you’re looking for.
    Data Explorer - Spiideo
  • Define your search criteria and instantly generate a collection of useful clips to support your analysis.

The absolute best thing about Spiideo is its availability — the simplicity of starting a recording and watching it live ... it makes the job of providing direct feedback so much easier.

Anders Eriksson Match Analyst, Sweden Women’s National Team
Record every detail

Capture the entire field

Spiideo’s patented Virtual Panorama Technology captures the entire playing surface, using AI AutoFollow™ to automatically track play.

Move the camera, switch angles and zoom at will to get the best view of the moments that matter.

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Person with laptop looking at sports video.

if you’re trying to evaluate a player, it’s not just what they’re doing on the ball. You want to be able to see them at all times.

AJ Barnold Performance Analyst, US Women’s Soccer Team
Coach holding a presentation.
Adaptable to any workflow

Elevate your team

Create presentations from any recording and share them in a few clicks with coaches and players. Whether altering team tactics or providing player feedback, Spiideo Perform can be  adapted for any situation. The flexible platform allows you to choose which tools to use depending on your workflow and needs.

Person in stands on arena analyzing a game.
A unique solution


Used by clubs and leagues all over the world -, from first teams to academies, universities to youth clubs. Whether competing for sport’s major honours or a smaller club with limited resources, any side can utilize Spiideo’s elite video analysis software.

Customer cases
A soccer field in which a match is played
The future of analytics

AutoData Soccer LIVE

Automatically generate game event data and individual player tracking data live during an event. From heat maps to hard data, the coaching staffs no longer need to wait to analyze statistics.

Watch the video to learn more about AutoData Soccer LIVE

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Record, view and share games live across several teams, an entire league or a conference, effortlessly. A single platform with access to every game for analysis, scouting and feedback.

We’re able to instantly share match footage to all teams through Spiideo’s cloud based league exchange.

Arnar Vidarsson Technical Director, FA of Iceland