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Autocasting with Spiideo Play empowers any rights holder to earn a return, any fan to follow their team and gives athletes everywhere the chance to be seen.

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Autocasting combines the role of camera operator, producer, director and commentator into a professional broadcast tool that can be managed by anybody.

As a lifelong broadcaster from radio to television to live streaming, putting together all of the tools for cloud studio and its use together into one bundled cloud based product is amazing.

Pete Waggoner Director of Hockey Media Services, YSP

Broadcast without the need for manual camera operators

AutoFollow™ is how we track the unique gameplay of all supported sports. Our model doesn’t just follow objects, it’s sensitive to the collective movement of players, sudden transitions and set plays. The resulting AI camera motion delivers a remarkably smooth watch.

Keep full operational control

Web-based and remarkably intuitive, CloudStudio lets you pitch the slider somewhere between fully automatic and AI-assisted production. Let AI take control, or divide roles such as commentary, graphics and replays between colleagues sitting anywhere in the world.

Switch angles automatically

Powered by our flexible range of AI cameras, multi-angle autocasting takes advantage of AutoFollow™ to track any game moment from the perspective of multiple, well-trained manual camera operators.

Trigger instant replays

Key game events are marked in Spiideo Play, either by CloudStudio operators or by plugging into automatic data sources. Now – goals, smart plays and other remarkable moments can immediately be prepared as highlight clips and replayed from a new perspective.

Serve short-form content to second screen spectators

Extracting clips from hours of manual recordings, from limited camera angles, could be a cumbersome human effort. Highlights Studio automatically breaks down and packages the key moments – delivering a speed and precision necessary to satisfy reach and relevance to modern audiences.

Manage hundreds of arenas from anywhere

Use CloudControl to instantly check the connection status, calibration and quality of any camera feed on one device, plus get instant notifications flagging unexpected issues, making it a reality to manage hundreds of fields from anywhere in the world.

Augmented by data

Use Spiideo AutoData, external data sources via Spiideo’s event API, or have someone operating CloudStudio for event-driven production. Now in-game events such as lineups, goals, yellow cards or substitutions affect both the camera behaviour and graphic overlays.

We don't need production teams on site, instead we produce remotly in the cloud and generate hours of live sports content that can be streamed on the RED+ OTT platform, but also a lot of content for digital storytelling and must see action clips and reels for social media.

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Alexander Grimm CEO, Ringier Sports