Spiideo Play offers a fully automated and cloud-based broadcasting and livestreaming platform, providing media rights holders, leagues and clubs with software-based tools to scale and enhance their game.

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An automated sports tracking camera 

Flexible camera options

Spiideo offers high-quality livestreaming and broadcasting solutions for sports events. Our sports cameras come equipped with AI software and panoramic lenses that automatically track players and capture the entire field. Combine this with Spiideo Play, our flexible cloud-based broadcasting platform, for a seamless and customizable streaming experience. Monetize your content and integrate sponsors for revenue purposes. Spiideo provides the complete solution for every sport and club - simply mount the camera and connect it to the internet for instant live streaming.

Unlocking automated broadcast at large scale

Official live streaming technology

Gothia Cup, the world’s largest and most international youth football tournament, partners with Spiideo to automate production for 6000+ games over 3 different tournament weeks

This partnership will help us in our journey in broadcasting more games and at a higher quality than has been possible before

Niclas Freiholtz Competition General, Gothia Cup
A person watching football on an iPad.
AutoFollow AI game tracker technology
Capture every moment


Spiideo’s intelligent camera system and cloud platform automatically captures the entire field at all times.

AutoFollow™ technology automatically follows the action and uses AI to track the action on the field, just like if a professional camera team.

Live streaming capability, manless operation, but, most importantly, the quality of the actual video and the way it can be enhanced through CloudStudio — those are the most appealing things to us.

Grinnell College Logo
Ted Schultz Information Director, Grinell College
Anywhere, using any device.

CloudStudio Anywhere™

CloudStudio Anywhere is a cloud-based software for sports production that enables you to add scores, times, sponsors, lineups, replays, and highlights to your live sports match from any device and location. This flexible platform ensures that your broadcast is visually stimulating for your viewers, providing an immersive and authentic experience. Try CloudStudio Anywhere today to take your sports broadcast to the next level.

Control the scoreboard

Time and score

Enhance your production

Graphic overlays

Use your preferred device

Audio commentary

Streaming on both a phone and a laptop
Post-production made easy


We can look at any game ... and produce a professional, commentary enhanced broadcast without having to drive 7 hours. We’ve increased the number of games we can produce by 33%.

Pete Waggoner Director of Hockey Media Services at YouthSportsPLUS & MNHockey.Tv
A live stream view of an ice hockey rink and players

Youth Sports Plus streams several hundred of games on MNHockey.TV using Spiideo Play. Watch the video to learn more.

Broadcast. Your way.

Flexible distribution via RTMP/SRT

Spiideo Play uses effective data transmission technology such as RTMP and SRT to stream live footage of your sports match in high quality, low latency over the internet to your fans.
Broadcasting options extend to third party video platforms such as Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo. Spiideo offers unmatched compatibility with a multitude of platforms to ensure that you can livestream your game where your viewers are.

Game video from MLS Next Pro
Remote production at scale


Covering multiple games every week through top-quality remote production. With automated cameras installed at each arena, CloudStudio™ operators call games and control the broadcast from remote locations, with professional graded graphics to enhance the feed.

Customer case stories

Spiideo Play in action

Explore a range of use cases and discover how teams/clubs, media companies and leagues are broadcasting across different sports worldwide.

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Spiideo Perform

Integrated video analysis platform

Add value to clubs and teams in the league through Spiideo's powerful performance analysis platform, Spiideo Perform. Provide panoramic game footage, available live and post-game, through the cloud to support team analysis and player feedback - using the same Spiideo camera system.

Explore Spiideo Perform
Soccer game with drawings for performance analaysis.
Spiideo Perform AI assisted drawing tools