Spiideo technology, now in a snow park near you!

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For all ski and snowboard fans out there – Spiideo and SkiStar just went live with a really cool service for video recording of your latest tricks in the slopes. Based on Spiideo sports tracking technology and cameras from Axis Communications, your rides in SkiStar snow parks are automatically captured by the system, and then made available as packaged video clips through MySkiStar.

“It is truly exciting to be able to launch this new service that enables our guests to save and share their vacation memories. To automatically capture your rides in snow parks and share your skiing events with friends in social channels, is something we strongly believe our customers will appreciate, given the growing trend to share vacation experiences”, says Linda Morell, Head of Public Relations SkiStar AB

The interest for this service already has been huge, and during only a short trial period, more than 3200 videos have been recorded of riders showing off their tricks. See below video for an example:

So if you are eager to try it out, to start fine tuning your backflips, practice your grinding or for some reason revisit that nasty face plant, the system initially will be available in Åre, Sälen, Vemdalen and Tandådalen. If you are there this winter, make sure to try it out!