Spiideo is breaking new ground in VR/AR at the WCVRI World Conference, Nanchang, China

2019-01-29 News, Technology

One of the most important exhibitions on VR science and technology in the world, is the WCVRI (World Conference on VR Industry, Nanchang, China). Last fall it attracted hundreds of exhibiting technology companies from around the globe. Spiideo, being a leader in Sports Video Recording and Smart Data Analysis System for sports, was invited to attend and present our approach to enabling sports performance development with VR and AR.

Spiideo has one of the most advanced core technologies in the world for sport recording and live data analysis of tactics and skills. Serving as a testament to the potential of Spiideo’s technology is its long list of clients which include many sports clubs, teams and professional leagues such as Premier League, Serie A, MLS etc.

At WCVRI Spiideo showcased some of the huge opportunities that arise when seamlessly combining sports data and video. During a couple of intense show days, sports executives, media and also conference chairman Mr. Houng, took the opportunity to visit the Spiideo booth and first hand experience how effectively Spiideo’s sports video recording and analysis system can enhance an athletes performance

Video analysis for sports spiideo

Spiideo is always pushing to advance the latest in sports technology and VR/AR are great examples of how emerging technologies truly can change how to deal with the massive amount of data that is generated before, during and after games. The challenge has been that large amounts of data alone is difficult to make sense of, take decisions and act on – but with AR one can allow subtle exposure of live data and insights to enhance and not disturb e.g. a coaching experience.

It is safe to say that the Spiideo system has the opportunity to change thinking around football training in China – improve coaching and improve results by making football coaching more intelligent with unparalleled insights into an athletes performance with live material for analysis/visualization of tactics and skills

To learn more about Spiideo solutions applied in any sport visit: https://www.spiideo.com/sports