A Spiideo enabled arena, supporting detailed analysis of both training and competition

The typical system setup will capture your sports simultaneously from multiple angles in order for you to view every detail of your game. From endzone cameras to virtual panorama view. All videos come to you in 4K resolution playback in full synchronization.


Convenient and easy-to-use, for coaches as well as athletes

Thanks to the pre-installed Spiideo cameras in your arena the Spiideo system is always available. It’s always there, it’s always on. At the touch of a button coaches record their team and athletes record themselves for self-led training. No manual camera handling, no camera operator, no handling of video files. All you need is the easy to use app for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. This is sports video recording made easy.
At the touch of a button start the video recording using your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch. Videos are conveniently stored in the cloud so that you don’t have to worry about storage and handling of video files. And it means that your videos can be viewed any time, anywhere from any device.
Tagging key events in a video is fundamental in sports video recording. With Spiideo tagging is super simple. Use your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch to tag. You can tag in real time while the video is being recorded. But, since your videos are stored in the cloud you can also tag afterwards while you’re analyzing the video.
Viewing your video files can be done in real time while the video is being recorded. You can browse back and forth in the video while the video is being recorded which allows you to go back and review key events during a game or during training. Since your videos are stored in the cloud you can of course access them afterwards from your iPad, iPhone or web browser for detailed analysis and tagging.
Spiideo is also a great collaboration tool. Your recorded videos can be made available to the entire team, other coaches or other persons working witt the team. The group can view the video, make comments, likes and even help with tagging.