Spiideo camera

Cloud-connected AI automated video cameras for a variety of sports, both indoor and outdoor.

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Flexible camera options

Select from several camera options to fit your setup. Near the field or further away, all camera systems from Spiideo are easy to install and activate. No local servers – just mount the camera system and connect it to the Internet.

Detailed image of a camera lens.
Never miss any action

Designed for multiple sports

Offering unrivalled flexibility, media rights-holders, clubs, leagues and federations across a range of sports, levels and venue types are benefitting from Spiideo’s automated sports video solutions

A collage with images from streams of different sports and devices

It’s probably doing the work of two people. We can see everything and it’s constant.

Rich Moodie Head Women’s Soccer Coach, University of South Alabama
Your eyes on the pitch at all times


Let Spiideo’s virtual panorama capture the entire field, while you pan, zoom and switch angles to get the best view of the moments that matter.

The installation is easy to scale, so that you can add multiple angles of the same pitch.



Always ready to capture the action. View your recordings, control and monitor cameras from anywhere in the world. Camera software is kept up to date via regular, automatic updates.
A person watching football on an iPad.
AI game tracker


AI automatically tracks games and practice, acting as a virtual camera operator. The movement is smooth and human-like.
A person watching a game in panoramic view on a laptop.

Panorama view

Automatic capture of both the entire field, as well as the details of individual players in the same recording. Freely move around to view specific players, areas or plays.
Always ready - always live
Product image - Spiideo S-line camera


Our standard camera system line, suitable for all kinds of installations both indoor and outdoor – training facilities and stadiums.

• 4-12k resolution,
• 100°-170° horizontal field of view
• For all kinds of fields and sports, both indoor and outdoor
• Rugged and weather-proof – IP66, IP67 ratings
Product image - Spiideo X-line camera


Our premium camera system line with high-end Canon optics and extra large sensors, with high performance also in very low light conditions

• 4-12k resolution, 70°-170° horizontal with high end Canon optics
• Ultra light sensitive image sensors (8x larger than e.g. GoPro Hero 7)
• For all kinds of fields, both indoor and outdoor (IP66, IP67 ratings)
Product image - Spiideo D-line camera


Our camera system line for use in space constricted areas, both for outdoor and indoor use, typically used in limited training facilities etc.

• Ultrawide angle 4 sensor system, fully protected dome design – IP68 rating
• 180° horizontal and 90° vertical coverage
• For pitches with very constrained space, e.g. as a goal camera, where there is limited mounting options
Product image - Spiideo V-line camera


Our camera system line for use as Video Assistant Referee with extreme detail and high frame rate – 100 fps (indoor).
Product image - Spiideo Z-line camera


This camera option provides you with a full pan, tilt and 30x optical zoom capability (indoor and outdoor).
Comprehensive camera options


Spiideo’ provides cameras for several types of installation, all designed to withstand tough conditions.

  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Weather-proof
  • Low-light conditions
  • Near-field or far away
A versatile recording solution


Explore the full potential of Spiideo through Spiideo Play and Spiideo Perform, or export your recordings to a third-party analysis software or OTT live streaming platforms.

  • Full virtual panorama recording always available
  • Broadcast through RTMP/SRT
  • Download and export video
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