S-Line Camera System

Rugby specific tools and solutions for every stage of your video and performance analysis process 

Recording & analysis of your rugby trainings and matches – now easier & more convenient than ever!

With Spiideo’s 4K sport cameras installed on your pitch, video recording is always available without a need for a camera operator. Spiideo offers a unique system that is always there and ready to be used!

How it works

The cameras in the Spiideo system will record your matches and practices from multiple angles, allowing you to view all details of the game. With fully automated video and analysis solutions for all levels, no camera operator is required which captures everything on the field, regardless of who is there or where it happens. All videos are delivered in 4K resolution, with real time synchronization between all video streams. We provide a wide range of indoor or outdoor facility set up options, which accommodates all weather and low lighting conditions, including constrained spaces, far away or close to the pitch

All cameras are easy to install, set up, and activate, no local servers are required. All recordings are stored on Spiideo’s cloud servers, so there’s no need to worry about the handling of video files or storing them. Our videos can be viewed during the recording or after, on your iPad, iPhone, or via a web browser.

Using the Spiideo system, you can make the material available to your entire team or to other coaches and departments. It helps to promote an efficient workflow as part of the everyday coaching process, by providing automatic video solutions with game breakdown functionalities, drawing tools, and telestrations. If you wish to use other tools for analysis, it is also possible to download videos locally. With Spiideo cameras on your pitch, it also becomes very easy to provide live broadcasting of all your sporting events!

Rugby video analysis and recording

Spiideo feature examples

Virtual panorama system

With Spiideo Virtual Panorama System a data model of the pitch is created, where the coach or analysts without limitation can be the camera operator

This provides a unique possibility to view and follow a play across the entire field, also in cases where there is very limited physical space to mount cameras

AI game tracking – automatically analyses and follows the play

The Spiideo system automatically tracks the play and essentially acts as a “virtual camera operator” while you watch

It’s the Spiideo AI game tracking system that helps you with this, providing a very easy, efficient and fast way of viewing the game in such a way that it is suitable for a coach or analyst

Activity data integration and drawing tools – directly in the app

The Spiideo telestrator tools allow you to draw directly on the footage from training or matches. This feature is very convenient and helps take performance analysis to the next level and is a great advantage when analyzing the game.

Together with tagging for quick navigation in the video material, coaches and analysts can directly in the footage visualize and demonstrate on-screen with telestrations for efficient and immediate feedback to players, both during or after training and matches. Spiideo also supports the integration of other data sources

Rugby video analysis and recording

Automatic Live-streaming

Live and direct video stream in your web brower, iPad or phone

All Cloud

Acces footage from anywhere. No on-premises servers, always the latest software

AI Game Tracker

Automatically follows the gameplay eliminating the need for a camera operator

Weather Resistant

Live stream with great quality regardless of weather and lighting conditions

Easy setup

All cameras are easy to install and active directly for recording

Telestrator tools

Make your coaching lessons come to life with Spiideo drawings tools

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