Swedish second league Superettan, signs up for Spiideo – gets advanced video analysis to all arenas

2017-03-27 Customer cases, News

MALMÖ/STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, MARCH 27 2017. In the same way as Allsvenskan, now also the Swedish second league Superettan, will be equipped with Spiideo systems for match and training analysis. It all became official at today’s public kick-off meeting for Superettan, where all coaches and sports directors were gathered.

“It is an incredibly important step for player education and training that all SEF clubs get this opportunity”

says Stefan Lundin, Sports Director of Swedish Elitfotball

The Spiideo system creates high-resolution panoramic footage of the entire pitch and will be a powerful tool for coaching teams to analyze both their own team and the opposing team. The coaches in Allsvenskan have previously praised the system, and now it is time for the second-highest league to also get the same capabilities for video analysis.

“The tool is extremely convenient. So practical, so useful, both in training and matches”

says Stefan Lundin

Spiideo cameras will be covering the pitch from multiple angles. When the system is recording a match or a practice the coaching team can then instantly watch sequences or player positions from different angles of the pitch on a smartphone or tablet. The coach or analyst can zoom in or out in the footage, pause, rewind, create clips etc – and then immediately jump back to real-time viewing.

“It feels great that we now, together with Svensk Elitfotboll, are able to provide also Superettan with solutions for working with video analytics for advanced team- and player development”

says Patrik Olsson, CEO of Spiideo

The arenas in Superettan will be equipped and ready with Spiideo systems during the 2017 season.

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