Swedish Junior Handball Championships 2016 live streaming AND live match analysis – powered by Spiideo.

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During the past weekend over 1100 players from 48 teams came together for a final battle for the titles in the Swedish Junior Handball Championship 2016. It was a massive event with a total of 108 games, in 6 different arenas, during three intense days. From both a sports and spectator point of view the event was a great success, with lots of people following the game action on site in the arenas.

However, with teams traveling to the event from all over Sweden, naturally not all interested have the opportunity to follow event on-site. For a long time, the Swedish Handball Federation have had a vision to be able to provide full live streaming coverage of all matches of this yearly event. In collaboration with Spiideo this vision finally became real. With Spiideo systems in all 6 arenas, broadcasting and full match coverage of all the 108 games as possible.

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Spiideo application, with full match analysis for the handball coaches and leaders

The real kicker, however, was that all coaches, leaders, and referees at the same time got the opportunity for to get access to all video material, view it from multiple angles (e.g. from top view cameras), create tags etc. and use it during the games, in halftime or after the matches for analysis and game plan reviews.

“As far as we know this is the first time ever this type of a functionality has been available at this scale and level during a competition. The feedback from coaches and players has been fantastic. It is clear it truly helped the teams during the event to provide live tactical feedback to the players and improve the game”

says Patrik Olsson CEO of Spiideo.

Further reading about the system used at Swedish Junior Handball Championship 2016 can also be found here (article in Swedish)