Swim video recording and race analysis is now easier and more convenient than ever

With Spiideo’s high resolution sport cameras installed in your swimming arena, video recording is always available. As coach or analyst you can use the recorded video material in real time by the pool during practice, between races, at home after competition etc. for quick and efficient swimmer feedback.

The Spiideo app on iPad or iPhone is used to view the swimming videos. There you can watch both overview and details with the powerful built in functionality for panning, zooming, slow motion, step by step playback etc. You can watch the video after the race or practice, and you can even watch it while it is being recorded.

You can conveniently switch between different camera views, watch each lane captured by the auto tracking pan-tilt-zoom cameras, or watch any of the fixed camera views from alternative angles.

Specific events in the practice or race can be tagged, with Spiideos easy to use tagging system, which then allows for quick navigation, filtering etc.

Spiideo is also a powerful tool for collaboration. Each user (coach, analyst, athlete etc.) can have a separate account, and your recorded videos can be made available to the entire team, club, other coaches or others working with the teams. The entire group can watch videos, make omments etc. With Spiideo’s tools the athlete development and learning process lives on after practice and race.

The cameras in the Spiideo system will record your swimming races and practices from multiple angles, allowing you to watch all details from different views. A typical setup has high resolution lane cameras recording at 50 fps, that automatically tracks the swimmer in each lane. In addition you can add one or more fixed cameras for additional angles. All recordings are done in full time synchronisation between all video streams. The cameras are outdoor ready and rugged to withstand tough weather conditions, and the system works well for both indoor and outdoor arenas.

Edit, draw and measure time directly from the app

With the drawing tools in the application together with tagging for quick navigation in the video material, coaches and analysts can directly in the video visualise and demonstrate on screen, and give more detailed and efficient feedback to the swimmers. Make e.g. stroke length and rate analysis, by using lines, arrows, hand drawn objects etc. and the built in stopwatch.


Add custom clips from additional angles in your iPad or iPhone

Using the Spiideo application it is very easy to combine the automatically recorded material with additional footage from the iPhone/iPad for e.g. a specific short clip from another angle, under water etc. The video material from multiple sources will also be fully time synced, and available for drawing, tagging etc.