The Spiideo technology

The Spiideo system is built around three main components
Intelligent 4K video cameras that are pre-installed in your arena. A typical installation consists of 3-7 cameras.
A cloud server that processes, analyses and stores all videos.
An easy to use app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and web browser for recording, viewing, tagging and collaboration.
4K resolution video streams from the cameras in your arena are streamed to the Spiideo cloud server where they are processed, stored and served to users viewing the videos, enabling ultra wide video stitching and multi-angle streaming.

Virtual panorama system

With Spiideo Virtual Panorama System a data model of the playfield is created, where the coach without limitation can control a ”virtual” camera in the scene. This provides a unique possibility to view and follow a play across the entire field, also in cases where there is very limited physical space to mount cameras (e.g. on practice fields).

AI game tracking – automatically analyses and follows the play.

Sometimes, e.g. when watching long game sequences or broadcasting the whole game, it is convenient to have the system automatically track the play and essentially act as a “virtual camera operator” while you watch. This is exactly what the Spiideo AI game tracking system helps you with, providing a very easy and fast way of viewing the game in such a way that is suitable for a coach or analyst.

Spiideo for individual sports

The Spiideo system is also capable of tracking movement of individual athletes, e.g. during a 100m sprint race, swimming or in skiing. This is done using world class computer vision together with AI to control the movement of pan-tilt-zoom cameras following the movement of the athlete and providing a unique view of the detailed performance.