Try out Spiideo 4k video recording and analysis at La Manga Club, Spain

2017-02-02 Customer cases, News

Football teams from all over Europe are now gathering for winter training at the La Manga Club facilities. This year a great new addition is provided to all teams, with the introduction of Spiideo technology for video recording and analysis. You can now as a visiting team at La Manga take full advantage of the Spiideo system to view and analyze your games live (in virtual panorama and from multiple angles), draw, tag, comment, collaborate etc.

“We are really excited to be able to provide this functionality to the teams at La Manga, and truly believe it will help coaches and analysts in a great way to get more value from practice and matches here”

says Patrik Olsson, CEO Spiideo 

With 5 fixed cameras installed on the pitch (three along the long side of the field and 1 on each short side to give an alternative view of the goal areas) the Spiideo video system makes video recording and analysis really easy, useful and accessible for the football coaches, analysts, and players on site. There is no need for manual camera handling, no camera operator, no hassle with cables and files, etc. The entire system is controlled from an app on the coaches iPad/iPhone. Thanks to the Spiideo Virtual Panorama technology, both overview of the entire field, as well as details of individual players is captured in the same recording – enabling team-oriented analysis/feedback, as well as detailed player performance analysis.

If your team visiting La Manga Club this season, don’t miss the opportunity to try out the new Spiideo system. Contact if you want to know more about how to get going.

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( More details can also be found here at the La Manga Club site )