Use Spiideo at Marbella football center in Spain

2020-02-12 Soccer/Football

Great news for all teams visiting Marbella football center this year. Now your team can take full advantage of the Spiideo system to view and analyze your games live (in virtual panorama and from multiple angles). You can also share your practices with your fans. Contact us for a trial account to get the Spiideo experience.

In Marbella football center Spiideo has 4 fixed cameras installed on two pitches. Pitch A and B. The Spiideo video system makes video recording and analysis easy, useful and accessible to football coaches, analysts, and players on site.

With our system, there’s no need for manual camera handling, no camera operator and no hassle with cables and files, etc. The entire system is controlled from an app on the coach’s iPad/iPhone. Thanks to the Spiideo Virtual Panorama technology, both overview of the entire field, as well as details of individual players is captured in the same recording – enabling team-oriented analysis/feedback, as well as detailed player performance analysis. And treat your fans to a great experience by streaming your practices to them.

If your team is visiting the Marbella football center this season, don’t miss the opportunity to try out the Spiideo system. Read more about our streaming options at Spiideo play.